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building brands
through digital story telling and unique experiences
bamboo juices
A juicery founded on 15 years of experience visiting and studying the diets and cultures of people who live in the world’s 5 “blue zones”. Blue zones are areas where people are ten times more likely than Americans to live independently past the age of 100.
Fritz Porter
As Fritz Porter continues to grow into an iconic design center in the Southeast by expanding their showroom, e4 joined to help ensure consistent identity through all channels digital and print.
e4 has been working with Sneaker for several years building their digital presence through ecommerce and marketing. Most recently we redesigned and built a graphic website to match their rebrand.
Silver & Sage Jewelry
Silver & Sage creates yoga inspired jewelry featuring natural stones and metals that embody a healthier, more positive way of life. e4 brought this to life digitally by connecting customers to each piece through emotion.