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December 2016
Etsy Migration

Fink Toys is a brand on a mission to make people of all ages smile. They team of creature makers sew soft animals ranging from nonchalant sloths to introverted chipmunks.

After years of great success in stores locally, wholesale across the nation and an Etsy store with a loyal following, the Finks were ready for a new site to call home. This presented a unique challenge as we set out to draw shoppers away from Etsy through custom online experiences.

Pig hanging on the home page.

We wanted to create a reason for customers and fans to continue to check in with the new website. We designed and built a home page that tells a story, similar to cartoon strip - "what are the Finks up to now?"

Each story will focus on specific Fink characters, leading to the featured section towards the bottom linked directly to the product page.

The home page can be changed and refreshed easily by the client, creating new stories every month.

Browser window displaying full home page layout.

Fink characters come with multiple shirt options, so we showed the available shirts when hovering on each character. This allows the customer to find what they are looking for faster and have fun interacting with the site.


The Product Page presented a unique challenge as we needed to show the front and back of the character in every shirt option. But we did not want to show small thumbnails of the entire Fink toy. Instead we wanted to show only the shirt swatch.

fox peeks his head inside the window googly eye, measuring tape, and plush stuffing icons. Also, three different color swatches